New Whiskeys for April!

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Whiskey of the Month 4-2014

April’s whiskeys are all new! We’ve got Grenore 8, a small batch irish whiskey for $6.50, and 2 Gingers, which launches this month at $4.00!

Irish Music Schedule for March!

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Irish Music Calendar for March 2014

This .pdf is all the Irish Music for March for all 4 pubs – including St. Patrick’s Day! Check it out to find out who’s playing where!

All-Irish Whiskey Tasting!

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Whiskey-poster 3-14

March’s Whiskey tasting will be on the 19th, in O’Toole’s Celtic Room! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day we’ll be forgoing the usual format of 2 Irish, 2 Scotch and 2 other whiskeys for having an all-Irish themed tasting!

6:30 pm, $25 at the door.

March’s Whiskeys!

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Whiskey of the Month 3-2014March’s Whiskeys are Jameson 12 year and the original Jameson, at $7.50 and $4.00 respectively!